Email marketing strategies

Although the general public believes that the importance of e-mail is declining, as a startup company or a person seeking to market his business digitally, or even a company seeking easy access to customers, you must be well aware of the importance of e-mail, and you must seek to know the most important e-mail marketing strategies that add marketing value Excellent for your projects if they are invested in the optimal way. In this article, we will learn about everything related to email marketing, in addition to the best email marketing strategies.

The best email marketing strategies

To begin with, email marketing strategies are developing a specific email marketing strategy by using email to promote your products or services in an effort to build trust between you and existing customers and reach new customers. Here are the best email marketing strategies to achieve growth and leadership in Business.

Start an inbound marketing strategy

You must first know the difference between incoming and outgoing. When you write your e-mail, you must understand the mentality in which your company operates and strive to find a bridge to reach customers through the product or services that you provide, and strive to achieve the goal that you seek.

You should always build on three steps in your business that are engaging, , joyful. Once your customers understand these three steps, you can begin your inbound strategy.

You have to build your CRM database and make sure that it contains all the basic information to target your customers with specific information, and then link the program to the CRM database and make sure that it is well connected to the database, and turn on the mandatory fields feature to highlight missing fields and seek to modify it before sending a custom email.

You have to understand the nature of your customers and answer these questions, what media do your customers consume?

 Do your customers read blogs? Is there a need to use chatbots? You have to ensure the smooth interaction of your customers in the conversations, and strive to achieve the strategy that you follow for your goals.

List management and division

To create your list, you must collect the correct information accurately, use CRM, and use forms that help you collect the information correctly, and your database must be clear and comply with the email regulations called GDPR.

Your customer database should include information about customers’ lives such as birthdays or Chinese New Year, and you can use TAGS for this segmentation.

And you have to focus on building a database that is just right, and activating the customer opt-out feature.

Create high-performance, Hyper-personalization emails

  You must strive to define a powerful and high-performance email strategy, by setting a goal with a goal, this is the essence of the solution to provide correct financial information at the right time to the right investor or customer. Whereas, sending the right email means making sure to use the Variable Added feature within your email within a highly targeted message delivery template.

This is what we call highly targeted sending, which means sending messages with slightly individualized information to make the customer believe that it was a message addressed to him personally and not jealousy.

Messages should be based on words, with the ability to accompany documents and forms, because Future Vision creates forms related to the CRM database, enabling you to ask a very specific question, and even ask customers to update their preferences for these surveys.

Develop your emails to drive conversations and conversions

The ideal formulation of e-mail messages, the aim of which is to increase the number of clicks, this is what we can call motivating work, by prompting the customer to click on the link and follow through to reach the goal.

  How to create a list of contents

The size and quality of your email content list is directly proportional to your email marketing results. Here are some guidelines for building a strong email content list:

-Do not seek to use purchased lists, because this may have negative consequences for your reputation, as it may contain spam messages and unverified identities.

-Always make sure that you obtain the due permission from your customers, maintain your agreement and adherence to standards.

-Use a smart email list builder, we at Future Vision can easily create a powerful, high-quality email list for you, it’s very easy and all it takes is a one-time integration process.

-You should seek to expand the list of your customers, through the following examples:

 1) making your subscription forms available on websites and web pages.

 2) advertising campaigns on social media.

 3) making free tools and templates available to customers.

 4) running contests.

 5) making offers Especially for your customers and discounts to attract new customers.

Develop and clean list of contents

As important as creating a list of contents for your email is, refining and cleaning the list is crucial, to reduce spam complaints and delete malicious messages.

Data cleansing is essential in email marketing strategies, because harmful data affects a company’s reputation, so you must take care to clean junk and harmful data and keep your list of contents clean and up-to-date.

What is email marketing?

It is direct electronic marketing based on electronic messages that seek to increase sales, viewership, or page visits, according to the structure of the website organizing the advertising campaign, with the use of e-mail to promote the company’s services or products in an effort to build bridges of relationships with customers or even potential customers.

Email marketing is part of the internet marketing process in general which includes marketing through websites or through social media sites, apps, blogs etc…

When the Company sends an email at any time, regardless of confirming orders or direct responses to customer questions, it is considered a form of email marketing.

Email marketing also includes newsletters that contain company updates, sales offers or even sending exclusive deals to customers, or sending a general message to customers on behalf of the company, as in the case of a natural disaster or a corporate scandal.

Let’s learn strategies for creating email marketing messages

Strategies for creating messages for email marketing:

The most important email marketing strategies are strategies for creating messages for marketing via email, so we will learn how to start creating strategies for email marketing messages by giving you our best advice and informing you of our strategy for growth and leadership and striving to retain customers in the long term and increase them periodically, from By illustrating examples of generating a high return on investment through the following:

Determine the target audience: Determining the target audience through your products or services that you provide to them is one of the most important steps in e-mail marketing strategies, by knowing their marketing taste and needs or what they are looking for a lot, and sending messages about the company’s products or services and sending offers and discounts via Your e-mail messages, and strive to expand its target audience base and thus obtain a larger number of customers, while paying attention to including your e-mail messages to new customers with their interests and what they are looking for, always developing your tools and striving to draw their attention and arouse their curiosity about your products and services.

How to determine the appropriate day and time to post

The Omni Send platform conducted a study in which it analyzed 2 billion promotional campaigns sent to discover the right time to send emails based on the target audience’s interaction with these messages, as the platform showed through its study that Tuesday and Thursday are suitable days for publishing promotional and news messages, according For this study, Saturday and Monday are the worst days for posting promotional messages.

Also, according to this study, it was revealed that there is a strong relationship between the time and timing of publishing the campaign and the final results, as the results of the studied campaigns showed an increase in the rate of clicking on e-mail messages, reaching a peak at 8 am, 1 pm, 4 pm and 5 pm.

These results help you determine the right time and day to send your promotional messages and reach the largest number of customers.

Using email campaign templates: Your use of ready-made email campaigns saves you time and effort, as email provides you with templates that contain pre-designed email message templates that everyone can use, as it allows you to create new messages or rewrite messages, with the ability to use a large number of Tools that provide a large number of ready-to-use templates such as Zoho, Mailchimp and many others.

Dividing the customer list: Dividing customers into categories helps you send appropriate messages for each category, after dividing customers into categories (new customers, important customers…..) and helps you create customized content for each category separately, which affects customer interaction With more messages, using Active campaign or Mailchimp will help you divide your customers into categories.

Customizing messages for the user: Assigning a message to each user ensures that you attract the attention of users. Users tend to interact with messages assigned to them more, as you can track the purchase history of customers and create messages for the products they buy.

Using message scheduling tools: This tool ensures that you publish campaigns at the exact time and day, and message scheduling tools help you schedule all types of email messages or social media messages and text messages and determine when to send them. Here are many message scheduling tools that help you To publish your advertising campaigns on time such as:

Mailchimp tool: It is a tool that analyzes for you the best times that customers are likely to interact with messages in order to ensure that you choose the best time to send your messages, and it also allows you to track the performance of your advertising campaign and see how effective it is:

  Tool: (Schedule an email) is a tool available on Gmail that helps email users to schedule messages and send them automatically at the specified time. It also allows you to resend messages again and remind the customer about it, with the ability to track the progress of your advertising campaign:

Active Campaign: It is a tool used by companies to automate email campaigns, automatically resend them, and allows you to send marketing messages through social media in addition to email, with the ability to track your advertising campaigns and see their effectiveness.

Track the performance of your advertising campaigns: You must track the performance of your advertising campaigns on a regular basis and strive to develop and update the aspects that need development in order to ensure the increasing continuity of the performance of your advertising campaigns, where you can through (A / B) testing ensure the success of your campaign, this test is called the split test that It depends on sending two different versions of email messages and knowing which one attracts the attention of customers the most, and tracking that information and identifying points that need updating.

Given that the audience is the basis of email marketing strategies, do you know who your primary audience is?

 Let’s get to know who your primary audience is together.

?Who is your prime audience

Your main audience is a group of specific people targeted by your brand, and they have had a purchasing or marketing experience with one of your products or services that you offer, so they continued to deal with your company for a long time, until they were associated with the company in a purchasing relationship, which is governed by quality from your company and the loyalty factor from the customer.

These customers are the best for the brand owner, and they are the most difficult if you want to attract them from competitors. In order to target them from competitors, you have to subject them to many psychological struggles that push them to ignore the satisfactory purchasing experiences they have gone through, and introduce them to a new purchasing experience with uncalculated results.

The head audience is the spearhead that enables you to win the competitive battle in the market, and it is a good indicator of the success of your marketing strategy, which you must maintain and strive for permanent growth.

?What is the right day and time to post messages

We also talked about strategies for creating email marketing messages that include determining the appropriate day and time for posting messages, and the importance of determining the appropriate day and time for publishing messages in email marketing strategies, especially when email messages include promotional materials.

Whereas, the specialized societies in the science of marketing have agreed on several rules for sending e-mail, which are:

Morning or evening period: The morning period is the best time to send e-mails, when people are in their work and awake, and work pressure and fatigue have not yet begun.

Stay away from the first working day of the week: If your emails target the Middle East, avoid Saturday or Sunday, and if you target an audience outside this region, avoid Monday.

Whereas, based on studies, it was found that when people go to an office after the end of the weekend, they find their e-mail is full of advertising messages and newsletters, which prompts them to delete all those messages and newsletters without looking at its content.

Avoid weekends: If your target audience is in the Middle East, avoid Thursday and Friday, and globally, avoid Saturday and Sunday.

As many people avoid doing any business-related tasks during the holidays, they are busy with their families and enjoying their activities, and studies have shown a decrease in the rate of reading emails during the weekend.

Allow enough time to read event messages: 23% of messages are read within an hour of being sent, but there are many people who read e-mail messages within a day or two of sending them, so you should send messages that relate to a specific event 3- 5 days from the event to stay in the safety zone.

The middle of the week is the best day for sending emails: If your target area is the Middle East, then Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are the most appropriate days for sending messages, and globally, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but you should stay away from the day before the weekend when people are Less motivated to do business.

As the best times to send e-mail messages are in the middle of the week and during the middle of the day during the time 1-3 pm, with the possibility of sending messages during the time from 9-11 am according to one of the studies.

The previous points help you reach customers and choose the appropriate day and time to send messages and achieve the desired goal.

Divide the customer list into categories

We talked in strategies for sending marketing messages via e-mail about the importance of segmenting customers, as segmenting customers depends on the strategy of dividing different and similar groups, based on demographic, geographical, purchasing, behavioral, psychological and many other characteristics, as customer categories are targeted with different strategies to obtain the highest value from Clients with big and small wins.

You should know that there are two types of dividing the customer list into categories, which is customer segmentation for customers, and customer segmentation for business, and this is done according to the following:

:Customer Segmentation for Customers

-A demographic division, where division is made into sections based on variables such as age, gender, race, marital status, family size, education, occupation, and income.

-Geographical division, where the division is based on location, such as the country, province, state, region, in addition to other geographical factors such as climate, population density, etc.

-Behavioral segmentation, where you divide depending on the way customers interact with the brand, their purchasing habits, timing, occasions, use of the product or service, and the level of loyalty to your purchasing brand.

-Psychological segmentation where customers are divided by their personality traits, lifestyles, social classes, beliefs, and interests.

:Business Customer Segmentation

Dividing customers according to their needs for products or services to be offered.

Segment customers based on the economic value they provide to the business, in potential and completed sales.

Division according to fixed fees such as industry or company size (either number of employees or annual revenue).

:Use templates for email campaigns

The importance of using templates for email campaigns lies in the fact that it saves time and money, as we mentioned earlier, but you seek to make the most of your use of templates for advertising campaigns, as email marketing is not limited to the form of a good advertising message only, but also depends on customers interested in the product or services, as it is considered Email forms are the bait that drives the customer to use their email.

:Here are the main benefits of using templates for email marketing campaigns

Create customized content for targeted messages, allowing you to customize messages for many categories, reuse and modify them quite easily.

Ensuring that messages are formatted, as email templates preserve your brand identity, and help you create messages that are formatted away from errors (such as forgetting a logo or using different colors).

Saving money, effort and time, as it allows you to use email campaign templates that provide a new template design for each campaign, and you will not need to hire a number of experienced employees in coordinating and preparing email messages.

Also, the e-mail campaign models are characterized by creating bases of real audiences that can be exploited in marketing, with the ability to use the form more than once with a change in the message format.

Customize messages about the user

When your company provides several products or services to customers, you must customize your mailing list, that is, create more than one mailing list based on the interests of each category of customers.

It will work to send a different series of emails to each list, in which it will attract the customer to make a smart and smooth purchase decision, which saves you a lot of effort and money in the e-marketing process, and ensures that you achieve the desired results.

Strive to give the customer more personalization by starting the mail with their first name. Studies show that personalized letters are 26% more opened and read than generic letters, and the return from personalized messages is 76% higher than generic ones.

You should also be brief in e-mail messages, and focus on what you want to deliver to the customer in a simple and brief manner, without flattery or overstepping the length of the messages.

measure business performance

The importance of measuring the performance of your business helps to understand the performance of your business, and to understand ways to increase productivity at work, despite its strong impact on improving performance, but it is characterized by constructive ease, while avoiding choosing inappropriate performance measures, which reflects negatively on the performance of your business.

Your inability to measure the performance of your business and its progress in achieving its goals is one of the most important reasons that lead to the failure of many establishments, as tracking the performance of your business helps to discover weaknesses in the various departments of the establishment at the level of management or production.

You can use the Google Ads app to manage your ad campaigns on the go, compatible with mobile devices by tracking your campaigns in real time, reviewing suggestions and taking quick actions to improve the performance of your ad campaigns..

KPI’s main performance measurement index, which helps to increase productivity at work, by measuring the performance of establishments or measuring their progress and ability to achieve goals through the strategy that it follows, and it is measured based on criteria determined by the nature of the company’s activities and tasks, as it is considered the main performance indicators in an establishment Valuable indicators for assessing progress towards measurable goals.

advantages of email marketing

E-mail is considered the most important means of communication on the Internet, because many customers use e-mail applications on mobile or desktop devices to stay informed of their inbox, so you should always strive to search for effective marketing channels to build bridges of communication with new customers.

I will share with you the top 6 benefits of email marketing:

1- Building and developing a relationship with customers:

 When customers subscribe to your mailing list on your website, this means that they are interested in your products or services that you provide, so they are ready to make a purchase for your products, so you have to take advantage of this relationship that binds them to your company or brand And strive to develop it in the interest of your commercial goals.

2-improve brand awareness :

You should know that the degree of brand awareness is directly related to the general sales figure, because improving brand awareness not only serves the interests of the company by increasing the percentage of sales within the online store, but also has a direct positive impact on the interests of the brand outside the web. This is because customers tend to make purchases from brands they are familiar with. We at Future Vision strive to find innovative tools to define your company’s brand, by creating regular newsletters that remind your customers of your brand and your line of services and products.

3-Choosing the right time to run advertising campaigns:

One of the most important factors for the success of email marketing strategies is timing, as email marketing strategies give you several advantages to controlling the timing of your advertising campaign more than any other means, thanks to the electronic marketing tools that allow you to choose The day and time of sending your newsletter to improve its performance without the need for you to be in the office at the time of sending.

4- Usability:

You do not need advanced software skills to carry out the marketing process with high professionalism. There are many technical tools provided by technology companies to do e-mail marketing. Before using these programs, make sure of their features, ease of use, and compatibility with your advertising campaign.

5-Low cost:

With all the advantages of email marketing, the total cost of your email marketing campaign is low. This type of marketing does not require printing costs, designers, or postal fees. All you have to do is choose an effective tool that successfully serves your advertising campaign. Which makes e-marketing more effective for advertising campaigns and serves the interests of large, small and emerging companies.

6-Measuring the effectiveness  of advertising campaigns:

E-mail marketing gives you many important information, such as who opened newsletters, and the links that users Measuring on to obtain more information about your products or services, which gives you information as a company about the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and the return venture. It helps you to know the purchasing taste of customers.

Retail Tips for Successful Email Marketing

With the continuous development of the e-commerce world, there are always basic rules for launching a successful online store, regardless of whether you are a professional entrepreneur or just starting out, following these steps makes a big difference to the success of your online project.

Today, at Future Vision, we will give you 5 steps that will pave the way for you to build a thriving online retail e-commerce, and these steps are:

1-The Basics of electronic commerce: In order to ensure success in the world of electronic commerce, you must build a solid Basics of knowledge through your continuous research and understanding of business structures. Each type of electronic commerce, such as selling products or providing services over the Internet, has its own ways and methods.

2-Choose a field with little competition and a lot of demand: To make profits from your online store, it is good to choose a field that provides competition, which indicates the existence of a market and demand for your products or services, but you have to stay away from a highly competitive field dominated by international brands.

3-Study the target audience: When building your online store and sales field, it is very important to identify your target audience and understand their needs well, to expect customers to buy your products or services.

 You have to know who you are selling to, and answer the following questions: Who are you? Who are your chief customers? What are their needs? How do we make them satisfied?

4-Choose an easy name related to your product: You should know that the name acts as a web address for your online store, so you should choose a simple name that is easy to remember by customers.

5-Successful electronic marketing ads: You must focus on marketing to attract new customers, raise the popularity of your site, market your online store through social networking sites, track customer reviews and take advantage of the comments to develop the store, products and services, and satisfy customers.

E-mail address

E-mail is the official and most reliable way of sending messages to communicate between different institutions and companies or even between companies and customers. You must highlight your brand and distinguish it from others so that it looks original, and that all official messages are sent through the e-mail addresses assigned to your company’s domain, we will learn how to choose an e-mail Official:

You should know that the e-mail consists of: 1) Username 2) @ 3) Domain or your field of specialization.

Future Vision creates an email for your business according to the following:

You have to buy a domain for your company, so that it is the official identity of the correspondence, and through it you can create private emails for employees. The domain must be related to the company’s field of work or the company’s trademark, regardless of its extension .com .info .org, which enhances the credibility of messages via This email, such as

Then you can create an official email for the company, such as the user name being the brand name or an abbreviation for it, whether symbols or a word abbreviating the company name, but it must be related to the company name, the trademark, or the name of the person using the email, such as

There is no specific number of emails that you can create when you buy the domain, and the customized email addresses give a professional touch to your mailing correspondence, and give the customer a vision of your brand while giving a stamp of confidence to your correspondence.

mailing content

The importance of e-mail currently lies in its use in professional communication, whether between companies or companies and customers, which makes formulating its content difficult for many. We will give you 6 tips for building professional e-mail content, which are:

1)Choose a good title: The e-mail address summarizes what will be mentioned in the content of the e-mail, while drawing the attention of the customer to open the e-mail message. Never leave the e-mail address field blank, while being careful to choose the appropriate words for the content of your e-mail.

2-Clarity and brevity: Make sure that the content of the e-mail is brief, includes all the important information, use short and direct sentences, seeking to deliver the information quickly and directly away from flattery and prolongation so as not to make the customer bored with your e-mail.

3-Tactful style: E-mail messages express the insulting efficiency of your company, so be sure to choose the appropriate words to deliver the message clearly and smoothly, while paying attention to formatting the message in a convenient and easy way for the customer.

4-Consider the recipient’s feelings: Be sure to put yourself in the customer’s shoes while reading your email, and think about how he might understand the message, which prompts you to choose your words and sentences carefully, while appreciating the customer for reading your message.

5-Stay away from mistakes: Make sure that your email message is free of spelling errors and broken expressions, which indicates the extent of your professionalism at work, and poor wording or misplaced punctuation may lead to a misunderstanding of the message.

6-not always communicate via e-mail: Before sending information or a request via e-mail to a customer, think about whether it is required to send it via e-mail? As the large number of emails that customers and employees receive is stressful for them, and that too much may lead them to fidget and not open your emails.

Types of email marketing messages

There are many types of email marketing messages, each type of electronic business has a different goal, which requires a customized email message that matches what you offer, there is no limit to the types of email messages, which prompts each company to create the type of message that fits with its vision.

Welcome messages

It is a message through which you thank your subscribers in your email for obtaining your newsletter, product or one of your offers, and it expresses the first impression that subscribers make of your brand, and this impression is very important even if it happened through email.

Welcome messages explain how things are going, and explain to the subscriber what steps to follow to get what he wants, through an e-mail message that you receive within 24 hours of his e-mail subscription, and it is often automatic.


It is one of the most effective messages because it creates a link between the customer and the brand, and aims to share information, when you send information that benefits the customer and relates to his problems and thus gains his trust.

Newsletters are sent weekly or monthly, containing news of your business, links that lead the customer to the blog of your business identity, information about future events, and answers to questions asked by customers, with news of new products that you are considering asking.

Common messages

They are email messages from one to many, and it occurs when two companies or organizations send an email that promotes the email lists of the two companies, or promotes a joint business or service that brings these two companies together.

They are joint cooperation messages by two companies, sent to the customers of the two companies for a joint event or service for both sides, which ensures reaching a larger customer base, strengthening cooperation between these two companies, and bringing benefits and profits to both sides.

Reminders to complete purchases

Specialized messages to inform the customer that the purchase process that he made has been completed successfully, so when you buy something online and you receive an e-mail confirming that the request you submitted has been transferred, and that the information you entered is accurate, and specifying the date of shipment to you, these messages provide customers with security that it has been The purchase process has been completed, and the information provided is correct.

Also, these messages are useful for the company or the product, which may appear to have some wrong information or incomplete information that needs to be reviewed with the customer to correct or complete it, or to alert the customer to important missing information to complete the purchase process that the customer may neglect to add, which makes this message important for both parties.

It is important for messages to be updated to work on mobile, because many customers do not print this message, but rather keep it in their inbox to refer back to when needed.

Social messages and events

Organizing conferences and events requires a large budget, and it is bad that you do not find a large number of people participating in these events, so you should notify about these events through e-mail before a sufficient period of time, with an explanation to customers about the details of the event, the people who will be present, and what benefits they will get them in their presence.

Focus on writing the event message in a bold and clear font, and include the details of the event accurately, especially the address, place and time, and do not forget to reinforce your message with pictures that limit customers to reading texts and obtaining information accurately.

Marketing messages for a product or service

Marketing messages for a product or service constitute 99% of the e-mail messages sent by companies, and these messages are not classified as newsletters. On product and service updates, including how to obtain it or even activate it with customers, offers and discounts messages also fall within this type of message, such as Black Friday offers, end-of-season sales, holiday offers, because it talks about the company’s products and services.

important messages

They are messages sent to a specific segment of customers, or a specific category that contains information about important customers sent before launching new designs or before annual offers and discounts, and may contain special offers, discounts, or even services exclusively for them, such as when a clothing company sends messages to customers Those whose purchases exceed a certain amount by offering them an exclusive product only, or for the company to send messages to its major investors and invite them to a special meeting.

Buyer Journey

The buyer’s journey is one of the most important email marketing strategies, which is based on customer needs. It sends a mailing list within a certain period of time to be ready for sale later.

This method ensures that there is continuous communication with potential customers during the purchase stages, which raises the percentage of sales, and builds bridges of trust with customers.

When you start working on the buyer’s journey for your email, you must define the ultimate goal that you seek to reach the customer to. The goal may be to build full awareness of the customer about the brand or to push him to buy what you offer of services or products, and to reach that you must build a real list of customers in Your e-mail, and those who pay attention to the services or products you provide, so your purchase of a ready-made list will not achieve the desired goal for you, but rather lead to discrediting your brand and ruining your IP.

Before you start sending emails to customers, make sure that customers are not registered with more than one of the buyer’s journey paths. Make sure when you plan your content and determine the number of emails you need in your advertising campaign that you achieve the desired goal of this advertising campaign.

Review the types of content used in your advertising campaign and make it more specialized in proportion to your target audience, as 61% of customers read recommendations and reviews related to your online content before making a purchase, so it may be helpful to add part of the buyer’s journey to the email.

Avoid making the Mars journey path complicated, by adding a large number of steps to move them from one stage to another, make it an easy and well-organized journey to get good results.

Make sure that your email messages are compatible with the mobile phone, as 80% of customers access their accounts through their mobile phones, and finally, do not forget to ask customers about the services you provide to them, or their opinion of the products you offer about their suggestions for modifications that they may want, which helps you to Development, updating and even avoiding errors in the products and services provided.

These are the most important email marketing strategies, and the most effective way to increase the number of your customers and attract new customers, and this is the business strategy that we follow at Future Vision email marketing company, in addition to developing a marketing plan, marketing via search engines seo, marketing via social media, and a lot Among other services to get a good advertising campaign, with a professional, creative and experienced team in the process of contacting us today to start the path to success.

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